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21 things you need to remember when writing a CV

Writing a CV – Tips and Tricks

Writing a cv is one of the most important parts for applicants. The cv will be the gateway into the organization. That means, if you want to get attention from the interviewer then you have to make a good cv or resume.

CV is the mirror of your knowledge, education and skills.

Manik Hossain, Founder, ICDB
  • You can’t apply for jobs with the link of Google Drive. The employer will not accept your CVT thinking you are lazy, insincere. Because you sent the previous CV to the CV without changing it according to the circular. So, mail the CV file with a new attachment.
  • CV files should always be sent as PDF.
  • Need to use professional email id. Applying with fake or strange name email IDs like, won’t be seen even after opening your CV.
  • CV File to be named nicely.

As –
✔ Dipto _ NSU _ MBA
✔ Sazzat_Sales Manager_ABC company
✔ Kabir_10_years_experienced

  • Many people think that using fancy font CV / Resume may be very beautiful. That’s why you use fancy font but it’s not wrong and professional. So, Do not use fancy font in your CV / Resume.
  • If you have less experience and information, you have to use font size 12 and if you have more experience and information, you have to use font size 11 CV should use same size font from beginning to end. Heading / Title all size will be bigger.
  • Formal and updated pictures to be posted in CV. Years ago pic, selfie or casual picture can’t be posted.
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume of your name can’t be largely bold on the CV. Because if you want a CV, you have to send a Resume if you want a CV and a Resume. Bio-data will be used only for auspicious work (marriage).
  • Cover letter has to be given with CV. You can give cover letter in 2 ways. Email body part or cv and cover letter together.
  • Don’t reduce the value of your CV with unnecessary personal information on CV. The way you are male or female, it can be understood by your name and picture. That’s why it is foolishness to mention parents name, gender, religion separately. Add current and permanent address to CV.
  • Achievement Based CV / Resume to be created. There is no more time to make CV / Resume as boring as a report with a bunch of Responsibility.
  • When applying outside the country, you must add Skype ID to CV because sometimes interviews are taken with live Video Call through Skype and add Country Code + 88 to your phone number ✆. ☎️
  • Everything is changing in the modern era. That’s why your format has to be unique. Please don’t reduce your price with black and white formats like old photography shop. Print the CV color for sure.
  • CV is not a love letter. That’s why you can’t grow up by will. Complete your CVT within 2 pages. If your experience is too much, finish it on top 3/4 pages.
  • When you send CV in Email while applying for a job, never forward the mail. It means to which company you have sent CV before, do not forward that CVT to another job again. Apply in a new way by uploading the CV file.
  • You must use Key Words in your CV according to the job position. So that even if you do ATS screening, your CV does not get rejected. ☺️
  • LinkedIn & bdjobs are one of the 2 ways to find a job and do networking. That’s why these 2 profiles have to be updated regularly professionally.
  • You can’t give information after making it, you have to avoid false information. Grammar mistakes, spelling can’t be mistaken. You can check your CV for free by mailing to 👍👍
  • Can add 2 references to CV. But instead of giving reference to relatives, maternal uncles, give reference to academic or corporate. And of course keep your reference informed so the employer can call and tell you if they want to know about you.
  • The subject line of the email cannot be left empty while sending the CV. Must write Position Title in Subject Line.
  • As –
    • Applying for the position of MTO.
    • Applying for the post of Senior Executive.
    • Referral from Sazzat Hoque, Candidate for Assistant Manager.
  • No need to give declaration at the end of CV / Resume.

Md. Manik Hossain Shimul

Md. Manik Hossain is an experienced Training, Learning and Development professional with many years of experience in management, customer service and specialist learning and development roles for industry leading multinationals across a range of industries. Hossain’s experience includes extensive consultancy, writing and delivery of training; along with setup and delivery of various Management and Customer Service qualifications with 5 years of experience as Manager in a top ranked university.

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