Why Facebook Marketing?

Facebook has


billion daily active users.

The average user spends


minutes per day on Facebook.

Despite this, only


of marketers think their Facebook efforts are effective.

What you'll learn?

Who this course is for:

  • Small business owners
  • Bloggers, Influencers, Public Figures
  • Online marketers and marketing reps
  • Advertising managers
  • Corporations
  • ANYONE looking to MASTER Facebook Marketing!
  • ANYONE looking to MASTER Facebook Ads!

Course Content












Day – 1 Fundamental of Digital Marketing


·         Familiarity with Digital Technology

·         Introduction to Digital Media

·         Usage of digital media in our daily life

o    Benefits of different technology & media

·         What is marketing?

·         Basic Component of Marketing Strategy & Planning

·         4P’s of Marketing

o   Product

o   Price

o   Place (Or Distribution)

o   Promotion

·         What Is Social Media Marketing? And why it is important?

·         Fundamental of Buyer’s Journey

·         Get started with Digital Marketing (What, Why & How)

·         SMART Objective Development

·         Principles of Digital Marketing

·         360-Degree Digital Marketing Campaign






Day – 2 Page Development


·         Facebook Page Development and Analysis

·         What & Why is Facebook Marketing

·         Social Media Account for a Business (Facebook, LinkedIn)

·         Buyer’s Journey Alignment with Platforms Behavior

·         Community Building Techniques

·         Content over Social Media & Hashtag Implementation

·         Audience Insight Analysis



Day – 3 – 4 Graphic Designing


·         Facebook Marketing Digital Content Requirements

·         Graphic works required for Facebook Marketing

·         Banner Customization through Adobe Illustrator

·         Poster Customization through Adobe Illustrator





Day – 5 – 6 Paid Advertisement (Facebook Ads)


·         Facebook Ads Account Creation & Best Practice

·         Fundamentals of FB Ads

·         Buyer’s Journey Alignment with Ads

·         Ads Objective, Copy and Call to Action

·         Understanding of FB Ads Bidding

·         Introduction to Facebook Business Manager

·         Practice Ads with Creative Hub

·         Audience Creation

·         Ads Campaign Creation

·         A/B Testing

·         Conversion Tracking & Remarketing

·         Ads Report & Measurement

Course Duration: 6 Classes (12 Hours)

Course Fee: Tk. 4000

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