Presentation Skills Development Course – Creating & Delivering

Presentation Skills


Presentation Delivering

Presentation Skills

Course Objectives

This course will give the opportunity to develop and strengthen skills in preparing and presenting public oral presentations in a variety of situations. This course will cover all the tools and techniques necessary for improving presentation and public speaking skills so that the participants can express themselves clearly, with confidence and power, in variety of speaking situations. In this course, Students will be taught presentation techniques; how to plan and structure an effective presentation; how to develop ideas; effective delivery methods; and how to overcome anxiety, fear and nervousness when making a presentation.

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to

  • Communicate with clarity and improve presentation skills
  • Explore breakdown in communication
  • Learn team communication
  • Explore how presentation works
  • Develop a unique individual style
  • Understand what happens in front of an audience
  • Practice a whole range of techniques
  • Learn the hints and tips for an effective presentation
  • Stretch the capacity to present
  • Present with style, flair and presence
  • Use support materials for presentation
  • Learn how to maintain and handle nerves.

This program is designed for the participants who want to improve their presentation skills by presenting with confidence, presence and style.

The Learning Model

  • Class Session/Lecture
  • Group Discussions
  • Exercises
  • Case studies and Problem Solving Exercises
  • Individual Assignments/Group Assignments