The Power of Negotiation Skills

In the current competitive market place, keen negotiation skills are more important than ever to ensure that we get the best price, the right decision or avoid conflict. Becoming more aware of the impact you have on others as well as understanding what drives your counterparts’ opinion and position is vital in order to become an effective negotiator


Negotiation Skills is a highly practical programme which will introduce you to key negotiation styles and techniques and will enable you to develop and practice new skills and strategies in a safe environment.


All our Fundamental Negotiation Skills courses are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients depending on their personal/organisational requirements and existing skills set. A Fundamental Negotiation Skills course includes:

  • Identifying your existing style negotiating styles and preferences
  • Understanding the ‘other side’: their perceptions and expectations
  • Choosing a communication style and approach that works
  • The negotiation cycle
  • Using and managing tactics
  • Communication skills for effective negotiating: active listening, paraphrasing, using silence
  • Getting commitment


Negotiation Skills course will provide you with:

  • A more positive and confident approach to negotiating
  • An awareness of different negotiating styles and how to respond to them
  • A clear process for preparing for and carrying out formal and informal negotiations
  • A practical toolkit of skills and strategies for effective negotiations