Effective Training Need Analysis

Training needs analysis is an essential process in any organization. A properly performed training needs analysis will ensure that staff receive the most relevant training and deliver an immediate positive impact on your organization.

After this you will be able to define the key concepts associated with training needs analysis and you will be able to:

  • Understand the relationship between training and the organization
  • Appreciate the three main training and development perspectives
  • Understand what are and what are not training needs
  • Detail the benefits and difficulties with training needs analysis
  • Perform a training needs analysis

Training Program Outline

Training and the Organization
■ What is Training
■ Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Training and Development Perspectives
■ Fragmented Model
■ Formalized Model
■ Focused Model

Training Needs Analysis
■ What is a Training Needs Analysis
■ What are Training Needs

Not Everything is a Training Need
■ Training Needs
■ Work Environment Needs
■ Performance Needs
■ Business Needs

Performing a Training Needs Analysis 
■ SWOT Analysis
■ Performance Gap Analysis
■ Employee/Team Performance Gap Analysis
■ Prioritizing Training Needs